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“ I just had a root canal done and wanted to thank you all! I was SO nervous as I have had nothing but pain with this tooth. I even cried before the process started. Dr. Johnson just talked to me until I calmed down and made me feel so comfortable and at ease.

I will recommend Green Country Endodontics and Dr. Johnson to anyone I know that needs a root canal. Thank you for making my scary situation a wonderful experience! I am looking forward to a pain free summer! ”


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Dr Johnson - CBCT

Cone-Beam CT (CBCT)

Cone-beam CT radiographic imaging allows endodontists to see a 3D image of the tooth and surrounding bone and diagnose and treat disease that could not be seen with regular dental x-rays. It is a paradigm shift in endodontics. 

A state-of-the-art J Morita VVE 3De Pan has been installed at Green Country Endodontics since day one. Keeping ahead of the curve and being at the cutting edge allows Dr. Johnson to provide you with exceptional treatment and diagnosis of complex issues.

CBCT case showing how 3D imaging can show spread of disease not seen with regular dental x-rays

CBCT is technology borrowed from medicine and is in essence a CAT scan specifically for the head and jaws only. This allows 3D imaging of your jaws and the ability to see things hidden to dental x-rays. This truly is revolutionary and something we at Green Country Endodontics are very proud to be able to offer to you.

Radiation Dosage

The balance between the type and quality of the image produced and needed per unit of radiation is an important part of our radiation safety principles. We use the standard principle of ALARA; keeping ionizing radioation As Low As Reasonably Achievable. With that in mind, the advanced CBCT unit we use is designated a “small field of view” imaging system where we can isolate the radiation to a small area of your jaw, instead of unnecessarily irradiating areas we do not need to see.


Dental Operating Microscope

The use of the dental operating microscope allows visualization of minute details that ultimately lead to a great outcome. Dr. Johnson was trained on advanced microscopic endodontics and the latest in endodontic microsurgical techniques in her specialty training program.

Pioneered by early endodontists, the endodontic microscope has become standard in most endodontic offices and training programs. At Green Country Endodontics, we also use the microscope with integrated cameras for patient information and to inform the general dentist what treatment was performed. High definition video of Dr. Johnson working can be seen on the displays in each operatory along with still images, for entry into your electronic chart.


Our profession strives to provide the highest level of care and trust to our patients. All needles, syringes, anesthetic carpules etc. are destroyed after single use. Handpieces and other dental hand instruments go through a rigorous cleaning in our hospital-grade Miele dental disinfector before sterilization. Everything is individually wrapped and autoclaved to ensure complete sterility of all the instruments between use.

We want to reassure you, our patients are our most important asset and we work constantly to create an atmosphere of trust and compassion. Our sterilization is monitored by an independent service that detects if any microbes are identified after autoclaving. A log is kept of every test and the result. This feedback loop is the closest way of monitoring instruments and their status.

All other instruments that cannot be sterilized are individually wrapped in a barrier and disposed of after each person is treated. Even the use of the dental dam over your tooth during treatment is a barrier to try and maintain asepsis of the field, just like drapes are used during surgery in the O.R.

If you still have concerns and questions, Dr. Johnson would be happy to talk with you about sterilization.

Digital Office

We are very proud of the state-of-the-art office we have built, while retaining a comfortable and peaceful location that allows us to provide you with compassionate care. Technology enables us to bring this to you at a higher level so we are not thinking about paperwork, rather taking care of you.

Patients are able to enter all their personal information and medical history before even coming to the office, saving you time and allowing us to take care of you the minute you arrive. If you are unable to log on at home, we will be happy to have you use an iPad to fill in your details and sign our consent for treatment. We also have you covered when you are ready to file your dental insurance claim.

How does your dentist know when we have completed treatment? Using 256-bit encryption, your treatment report is generated and a confidential log in is created for your dentist to see the complete series of digital x-rays and any other findings Dr. Johnson notes. This enables your dentist to have the most accurate information at their fingertips. Just one more way the team at Green Country Endodontics is staying ahead of the curve.